Zodiac Wheels are the best damn skateboarding wheels in the world. Yeah, that's a pretty tall claim to make, but when you can back it up with a team of chemists dedicated to pushing the boundaries of skateboarding that's just what you get. All Zodiac wheels are born into a legacy to be measured as the highest class of professional skateboarding wheel they can be. Our current formulas are rated from 99a to 101a on the durometer scale.

While other wheel companies are spending their budgets on fancy marketing gimmicks to convince buyers their wheels perform, Zodiac focuses on making wheels that actually perform. All Zodiac wheels, unlike many mainstream companies' products, are made here in the United States, not overseas. When you start out with quality materials and produce them in quality manufacturing environments, you end up with a quality product. We don't have to trick our customers into buying our wheels; we just make a product they know will work every time and work the way they want it to.

Here at Zodiac Wheels we believe in Pro Riders. They drive our business and help us to build better, higher-quality products. We hope that every rider that gets on a board has the commitment to become Pro one day. We have a philosophy here at Zodiac that "we don't buy pro riders, we breed them."

Zodiac wheels have been specially formulated to be flat spot resistant and an all-around better wheel for all riding. Not too soft yet not too hard, and for sure flat spot resistant. Zodiac Wheels have been tested against other industry-standard wheels, and then made to surpass them. We are purely dedicated to the advancement of the sport of skateboarding.